Blooming the perfect coffee with the Fellow Stagg

As coffee lovers, we go to great lengths to source and experiment with different varieties of beans, sometimes flying them halfway around the world from the far flung tropical climes where they flourish in our quest for a full bodied and perfectly rounded home brew. From the deep and earthy flavours of Sumatran plantations, to the fruity and complex notes of Ethiopian imports, the range of flavours and subtleties waiting to be unveiled is why we will never get bored with trying new coffee. However, if there is ever an unsung and underappreciated hero of a successfully vibrant brew, it truly must be the humble coffee bloom.

A brief introduction to blooming

During the roasting process coffee beans absorb a certain amount of carbon dioxide, and if that gas isn’t given a chance to escape before you brew it will add a bitterness to your coffee that can overpower the subtle flavours and oils that really make a coffee shine. The blooming process simply involves covering your grounds with a small amount of water before you brew and waiting

30-60 seconds. This gives the grounds a chance to open and expand, releasing any trapped gases in the process and ensuring that all the lovely flavours of your beans make it into your coffee. Find out more about the coffee bloom.

The Stagg pour over kettle by Fellow  is the perfect companion for slowly and precisely blooming your freshly ground coffee, ensuring that the grounds get just the right flow and exposure so that they all of the many layers of solubles make it into your brew.

Featuring a swan-neck spout engineered to pour at a slow, even pace, the Stagg is designed with a bold and innovative counterbalanced handle that moves the centre of mass back towards your hand for enhanced control. The built in thermometer allows you to experiment with different temperatures at different stages of your brew, and create a consistent experience once you've hit on the perfect levels for your taste.

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