Spotlight: Theo Slow Brew Coffee Maker

Get the best out of your Theo

To get the best brew out of your Theo, we recommend pre-heating the jug and your mugs with a few of centimeters of boiling hot water. As the jug is made with thick ceramic it holds it’s temperature well once it’s heated up, but you want to it already be hot when your coffee gets to it so your brew stays piping hot.

Take a size 4 filter paper (we recommend these by If You Care), and crease it along the edges so that it sits as a square with a flat bottom in the filter funnel.

Using a small amount of hot water, rinse the paper to wash off any aromas that might make their way into your coffee. The paper should now be sitting flush against the edges of the filter, ensuring that your brew will flow down through the bed of coffee grounds and not bypass it by flowing around the edges.

Next comes the all important bloom. Add 5-6 rounded teaspoons of freshly ground coffee into the filter paper, and cover it with a small amount of hot water, just enough to cover the grounds. Leaving your coffee for 30-60 seconds, will allow the grounds to open up, and will release any carbon dioxide that could your coffee a bitter taste. Give the jug a quick swirl, and discard the hot water and drips from the bloom.

Finally pour in your hot water, gently filling from the centre outwards in a circular motion so ensure even distribution of the grounds. Fill the funnel to just below the top, and top up the filter 2 or 3 times so that the water level remains constant, using no more than 0.6L in total.

Wait for the last of the brew to pass through the grounds, and swap the filter funnel for the bamboo lid to keep the heat in.

You're all done, sit back and enjoy your perfectly brewed filter :-).

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