We try to be as eco friendly as possible with our packaging. 

To ensure your coffee maker arrives safely, we keep the item in the branded box that comes from our suppliers, then wrap this in recycled brown paper using recycled twine. This is then placed inside a brown paper box and securely closed using brown paper tape. This means everything can be recycled, even the brown stickers! 

Our suppliers send the items in large boxes with filler packaging such as shredded brown cardboard or compostable air cushion bags and we use that to protect the items. You can then recycle or compost these or re use again if sending your own parcels! 

Often, we also use boxes that the products are sent to us in as we want to avoid buying extra packaging where possible to reduce our carbon footprint. This means we only buy extra boxes when absolutely necessary and avoid cardboard boxes going to waste. 

We don't include a receipt in the parcel to avoid extra printing and paper waste, you can find all of the details about your order in the confirmation email you receive after placing your order. 

It's very important to us to be as eco friendly as possible and we are constantly reviewing and improving our service with this in mind. We only sell products that are designed to be used for a lifetime (apart from the coffee beans!). 

If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to email